Clinics We Offer

Long Term Conditions

Patients with long term conditions are reviewed regularly by the practice. You will be contact around your birth month to book your appointment. In most cases, you will require a 30 minute appointment with the Health Care Assistant (HCA) for blood tests etc. and the HCA will arrange any further follow up appointments.

Citizen's Advice

Based at the practice on the last Thursday of the month to provide face to face advice. This is available by appointment only. Please call 01623 203080. 

First Contact Physiotherapist

Bone, joint or muscle pain? See our FCP's! They will assess you and diagnose what's happening, give expert advice on how best to manage your condition, arrange any treatment needed including steroid injections and refer you on to specialist services if necessary. 

Clinical Pharmacist

Clinical pharmacists are increasingly working as part of general practice teams. They are highly qualified experts in medicines and can help people in a range of ways. This includes carrying out structured medication reviews for patients with ongoing health problems and improving patient safety, outcomes and value through a person-centred approach.

Mental Health Practitioner

Our Mental Health Practitioner can address the potential range of biopsychosocial needs for patients with mental health problems, as part of a multi-disciplinary team. They provide access to specialist mental health support, reduce waiting times, prevent unnecessary referrals in to secondary care and provide positive patient experience.